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Warehouse floor Cleaning and Scrubbing

Safety Equals Profit

Safety first 

Say No to workers comp and Yes to safety 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of 3.4 workers comp claims are filed for every 100 workers. Budget for safety. 

  • Minimize injury reports
  • Reduce Product Damage
  • Increase Profit Margin 

Visitors from Headquarters?

Preparing for the Bigwigs at Headquarters? We got you!

Every warehouse facility has different cleaning needs because of its size, what it distributes and the products stored in the building. Whether it’s a food processing plant, manufacturing or distribution facility, We’ll send our experts to make all the dirty wrongs a clean right.

Whether its one location or several, our team of experts guarantee a consistent high quality clean that gleams.

The way you run your warehouse is your business, but the way  it looks is ours!
Cleanvision is equipped to handle multiple facilities in various locations throughout the Inland Empire. We guarantee to bring a standard of clean you’ve never seen,  to ensure your business can run smoothly.

Warehouse floor cleaning
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Why Choose Us

We are the S.O.P for Cleaning

Periodic, professional floor scrubbing is an integral part of maintaining positive employee morale and pride in the workplace.

Care for the facility is often tied to how well-maintained management keeps the workplace – including the floors. Regularly scheduled scrubbing of your industrial plant or commercial warehouse floors using industrial grade combination sweeper/scrubbers greatly minimizes dust and dirt from bothering employees and interfering with electronic and mechanical equipment.

Cleanvision will help keep your facility running smoothly.  Power cleaning is a best practice that combines environmental sensitivity with an action plan that keep dirt and grime in its place – off your floors!

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San Bernardino - Riverside - Los Angeles

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Our water is governed by the CWA, EPA and local city ordinances and prohibits certain water discharges containing pollutants to travel into storm drains. Violations to these regulations could result in fines up to $10k, and are often levied on the property owner.

Our State-of-the-art heavy duty on-board recovery system allows for 90% of water used for cleaning to be reclaimed, recycled, and reused. The remaining 10% either gets evaporated or absorbed into the cleaned surface. 

Our waste water recovery system boasts a high 6 stage filtration system that breaks down its dirty particles to an impressively low 5 microns to ensure safe and effective use for the surfaces it cleans.

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Superior Customer Service

Exceptional service delivers with no exception.

Our commitment to superior customer service sets us apart. Whether you require commercial or residential Power washing services, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Experience excellence with Cleanvision’s exceptional service and enjoy pristine spaces that shine.

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Certified Experts

Our team of highly skilled and certified experts ensures top-quality service and professionalism in every cleaning task.


We prioritize our customers' needs, offering tailored cleaning solutions that cater to their specific requirements and preferences.

Dedicated Support

Whether it’s a question in need of an answer or project requiring a pro, we strive to be available and ready to serve when you need us the most.

How it works

Our cleaning service follows a simple and efficient process to ensure a smooth experience for our clients. Once you reach out to us, we guide you through the following steps to provide exceptional cleaning services tailored to your needs.

Step 1

During the consultation phase, we take the time to understand your specific cleaning requirements and preferences. We discuss the scope of the project, desired cleaning schedule, and any specific areas of focus. This consultation allows us to provide personalized recommendations and accurate pricing information for your cleaning service.

Step 2
Contract Signing

Once the consultation is complete and both parties are satisfied with the proposed cleaning plan, we proceed to the contract signing stage. Our team will present you with a detailed contract outlining the agreed-upon services, pricing, and terms and conditions. This contract ensures transparency and sets clear expectations for both parties, giving you peace of mind.

Project Commencement

After the contract is signed, we promptly initiate the cleaning project as per the agreed-upon schedule. Our dedicated cleaning team arrives at your location fully equipped with the necessary tools, cleaning agents, and expertise to carry out the tasks efficiently. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that your cleaning project commences on time.

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