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About our pressure washing company

High Achievers

The core of our pressure washing organization is built on integrity, unity, and diversity, that is driven by talent, competitiveness and togetherness with a relentless desire to exceed and exchange average with exceptional outcomes.

We approach every assignment with the intention of making impossible circumstances, accomplished realities through hard work and a resilient mindset, all the while staying committed to environmental awareness and seeking out eco-friendly pressure washing solutions to reduce our chemical footprint.

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Years of Experience
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Who our clients are to us. 

Business Partners

Every Organization, Company, Business, and person we serve is much more than a mere transaction, job or assignment it’s a developing relationship based on trust, and reliability that can only be established overtime. We treat every job like a first date, by not being late and staying ready to fascinate, because we don’t want to be a resource one time, we want to be your reliable business partner for a lifetime.

Our Team

Is Built for you.

Our team at Cleanvision is comprised of dedicated cleaning professionals who take pride in their work. With extensive experience and training, our team members are equipped with the knowledge and skills to tackle any cleaning task with precision and efficiency.


Executive Director

Field Manager

Administrative Manager

Project Coordinator

Quality Assurance Lead

Quality Assurance Specialist

Quality Assurance Specialist

Superior Customer Service

Exceptional service delivers with no exception.

Our commitment to superior customer service sets us apart. Whether you require commercial or residential Power washing services, our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Experience excellence with Cleanvision’s exceptional service and enjoy pristine spaces that shine.

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Certified Experts

Our team of highly skilled and certified experts ensures top-quality service and professionalism in every cleaning task.


We prioritize our customers' needs, offering tailored cleaning solutions that cater to their specific requirements and preferences.

Dedicated Support

Whether it’s a question in need of an answer or project requiring a pro, we strive to be available and ready to serve when you need us the most.

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